MindMD was founded with the goal to meet California’s most common behavioral health needs on the very day they arise. Too often, too much time passes from the time of need to the first opportunity to see the appropriate mental health professional.

The Services

MindMD believes that mental health and physical health are intertwined. That’s why MindMD provides services that address all of your needs, not just some of them. Our holistic approach offers a wide array of techniques to heal the whole person, including:

  • Outpatient detoxification
  • Complex case management
  • Treatment for anxiety disorders
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Resolution of sleep problems
  • Adolescent treatment (age 10+)
  • Couples therapy
  • Medication management
  • Comprehensive IV hydration therapies
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Family therapy

Many of our offerings are open to the public and do not require an appointment.

The Space

Every inch of the MindMD facility has been carefully designed around its services to facilitate the treatments with optimal comfort, privacy and safety. MindMD prides itself in offering semi-private suites for detoxification; while in our care, patients can recover in peace.

Our center includes:

  • Eight treatment rooms
  • A medically managed relaxation room with five suites
  • Private and open-air waiting rooms
  • A multipurpose event space
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A Unique Approach​

The MindMD approach differs from most other private offices or outpatient treatment providers. Instead of sticking to a rigid roster of clientele and waitlisting new patients, MindMD is built so to have the capability to see patients on a same-day or walk-in basis, especially when scheduling an appointment is not possible anywhere else.

MindMD’s services are available to all, whether they request a one-time treatment or ongoing care. MindMD’s medical providers bring a diverse range of expertise to the facility enabling the program to meet nearly every mental health need.

walk in mental health clinic

The Clients

Our approach differs from most other treatment providers. Instead of sticking to a rigid roster of clientele and waitlisting new patients, we take on anyone who needs help that day.

MindMD’s services are available to all, whether they request a one-time treatment or ongoing care. Our providers bring a diverse range of expertise to our facility, and because of this, we can meet every need.

Treatment For Teens

Teenagers have reached a challenging point in their lives. As they contend with hormonal changes and peer pressure, it’s common for them to develop mental health conditions. Luckily, with proper intervention, it is possible to alleviate their symptoms.

Many members of the MindMD team specialize solely in the treatment of adolescents. They have a deep understanding of the difficulties faced by teens, including social anxiety, depression, and general anxiety disorder. They also know what it takes to resolve these problems.

MindMD offers flexible appointments or walk-in services that fit your teen’s busy schedule. We can arrange sessions before or after school; accommodate same-day needs; and provide ongoing medication management, case management, and referrals to other providers. It is our goal to help your child thrive – not just survive – during their teen years.

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Treatment For Adults

Many people do not realize that they have a mental health condition until adulthood. By that time, some have turned to drinking and drug use to cope with their symptoms. We empathize with those who struggle with depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders. That’s why we’ve created an adult treatment track at MindMD.

Our expert clinicians are prepared to treat even the most complex mental health needs. We provide one-on-one therapies that get to the root of each client’s issues. Through this process, the client can make peace with the past and prepare for a brighter future. To learn more about our complex case management and detoxification services, contact MindMD.

The Process

When you are suffering from depression or anxiety, the last thing you need is to spend hours searching for proper care. The founders of MindMD designed a center to support Walk-In Wellness: instead of poring over insurance policies and waiting months for appointments, our clients can walk right in the door.

We provide a sanctuary in times of urgency. At MindMD, clients receive the care they need at the exact moment they need it.

Experience Mindmd

MindMD offers an innovative approach to healing. The second you set foot in our Beverly Hills center, an aura of peace and tranquility will wash over you. We look forward to walking with you on your journey to well-being. Contact us to take the first step.

Contact us online or call (833) 646-3631 for your confidential addiction evaluation.

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