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MindMD specializes in providing immediate access to comprehensive mental health and addiction treatment for both teens and adults.

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We welcome you to MindMD: a restorative oasis in the heart of Los Angeles.


Typically less than a half hour to see a psychiatrist or therapist


Square feet dedicated to your needs, privacy + healing


Our services are available for anyone aged 10 and up


Wellness and nutritional solutions to choose from

The MindMD Difference

Designed as a 4,000-square-foot health and wellness center, MindMD operates with the goal of meeting your mental health needs on the day they arise. MindMD’s programs are open to teens and adults in need of acute mental services. From a medically supervised outpatient detox program, to managing and stabilizing your medications and vitamins, MindMD has everything you need to feel better under one roof.

Our Space

Most centers do not have the staff or space to offer same-day wraparound services. Our facility allows us to offer life-changing care right when you need it. Explore MindMD.

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Meet the Minds

Our wellness professionals all emerge from diverse backgrounds each equipped with a distinct skill set. With training in mental health, addiction services, experiential therapy, nutrition, and medical care, this well-rounded team collaborates to offer an optimized combination of medical and holistic healing.

We Accept Most Insurance Plans

We strive to make treatment accessible. For this reason, we accept a wide variety of insurance options.


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Our Clinicians

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As part of its whole-person approach to wellness, MindMD offers online resources for those seeking to improve their mental and physical health. Read our blog for valuable guidance, scientific findings, and recovery advice.


Welcome to MindMD!
As part of our grand opening we are offering free walk-in consultations.