Crisis Care

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Crisis Care services offered in Beverly Hills, CA

When you’re in a crisis, you might not know where to turn because of the turmoil going on in your mind and around you. MindMD Wellness, located in Beverly Hills, California, offers crisis care, including a same-day stabilization unit with comfortable semi-private massage chairs and televisions. To access these services, call MindMD Wellness, book an appointment online, or walk-in for care today.  

Crisis Care Q&A

What is crisis care?

Crisis care is the immediate care you receive following a major traumatic event. This could be an assault, a suicide attempt, a drug overdose, or something else. In any case, time-sensitive care is crucial. 


Like any form of mental health care, crisis care is highly individualized according to your needs and concerns. Whether you access crisis care from the MindMD Wellness mobile crisis team or in the office, your treatment starts with an in-depth assessment and screening. 


For any applicable crisis, MindMD Wellness has a mental health sub-emergency observation room. You can walk in and get the care you need as soon as you arrive. When necessary, the team can mediate between you and law enforcement. 


The mental health sub-emergency room is often a good alternative to the standard emergency room, if your needs are less than emergency. After your initial intake, your care can continue on an outpatient basis, including some care in your own home.


Crisis care is only appropriate in certain cases. If you or your loved one is a danger to themselves or to others, call 911 immediately. 

When might I need crisis care?

Crisis care may be necessary for a multitude of different circumstances. The circumstances that drive you to explore options for crisis care are unique to you, and the team is prepared to listen to your concerns and start planning treatment right away. 


You might need crisis care because of:


  • Occassional thoughts of suicide
  • A physical or sexual assault
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations


Many factors can contribute to crises like these, including mental health disorders like depression and anxiety. A psychiatric evaluation may be necessary upon your arrival for crisis care. 

What are the benefits of crisis care?

MindMD Wellness offers crisis care services that make it as easy as possible to receive the help you need. The program has many features to simplify and augment your care, including:


  • Same-day, urgent psyciatric services
  • Walk-in services
  • A mental health crisis room
  • Referrals and recommendations for long term care


The team makes sure you understand how to access these services when you need them and offers support along the way. They also provide family-based home support by visiting your home and planning your treatment daily. 


For more information on crisis care for you or your family member and what it entails, call MindMD Wellness, request an appointment, or walk in any time.